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Advantages of explosion-proof thermocouples

Advantages of explosion-proof thermocouples?We often use thermocouples in industrial production, and in some chemical plants, the production site is often accompanied by various flammable, explosive and other chemical gases and steam. If ordinary thermocouples are used, it is very unsafe and can easily cause Ambient gas explosion. Therefore, as a professional thermocouple manufacturer, we recommend the use of explosion-proof thermocouples. Explosion-proof thermocouples have many advantages over ordinary thermocouples. Today we will discuss the specific benefits of them.

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Features of explosion-proof thermocouple:
Multiple explosion-proof forms, good explosion-proof performance;
Pressure spring-type temperature sensing element, good anti-vibration performance;
Large measurement range;
High mechanical strength and good pressure resistance.

The explosion-proof thermocouples produced by our company are all qualified products certified by the national instrument explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station:

explosion-proof thermocouples

Its explosion protection is based on the principle of gap explosion isolation, designing junction boxes and other components with sufficient strength, and sealing all parts that will generate sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures in the junction box. The surface gap is extinguished and cooled, so that the flame and temperature after the explosion are not transmitted outside the cavity. The simple point explosion-proof thermocouple is different from the ordinary thermocouple mainly in the junction box and electrical connector.

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