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Common faults of thermal resistance RTD

Thermal resistance is a commonly used temperature measuring instrument, and its application range is also very wide. All instruments will have certain failures during use, and thermal resistance is no exception. Common faults of thermal resistance RTD?Thermal resistance will also have certain problems when used.

Common faults of thermal resistance

Symptom: Display meter indicates negative value;

Possible cause: The digital display meter is incorrectly connected to the thermal resistance or the thermal resistance is short-circuited; the thermal resistance

Solution: Correct the wiring, or find the short circuit, and strengthen the insulation.

Failure phenomenon: the table of thermal resistance indicates infinity;

Possible cause: short circuit of thermal resistance or lead wire or loosening of terminal;

Treatment method: Replace the resistor or solder and tighten the wiring screws.

Failure phenomenon: the indicated value of the displayed thermal resistance is lower than the actual value or the displayed value is unstable;

Possible reasons: metal shavings, dust in the protective tube, dirt between the terminals, and thermal resistance short circuit;

Treatment method: remove metal shavings, clean up dust, water droplets, etc., find short-circuit points to strengthen insulation.

Failure phenomenon: there is a change in the relationship between the thermal resistance value and the temperature;

Possible cause: Corrosion and deterioration of thermal resistance wire material;

The above are the common faults of the thermal resistance. When the user has the above faults when using the thermal resistance, please refer to this article. It can effectively solve the problem and reduce unnecessary troubles for the user and improve work efficiency.


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