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Anhui Tiankang Group the second workers skills competition successfully concluded

On June 19, 2021, under the strong support and guidance of Chuzhou Vocational and Technical College, Tianchang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Tianchang Senior Technical School, the second employee skills competition of Anhui Tiankang Group was successfully concluded. 69 employees from anhui tiankang instrument manufacturing department, optical cable manufacturing department, electrical manufacturing department and so on participated in the competition, divided into lathe workers, welders, wire and cable extruder three groups.

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The competition is divided into two parts: theoretical examination and practical operation competition. After a day of fierce competition, Mr. Liu Xueshi, Mr. Xiong Faqing from Instrument Manufacturing Department and Mr. Wang Song from Optical Cable Manufacturing Department respectively won the first prize of the locomotive team, the welder team and the wire and cable extrusion team. Duan Tongwen from Kangtai Electric, Zhang Xiangyu from Instrument Manufacturing Department won the second prize of the vehicle group, Wu Jinguo from Shanghai Office, Ding Zhengling from Electrical Manufacturing Department won the second prize of the welder group, Zhang Shanben from Optical Cable Manufacturing 1, Zhao Xuejun from Optical Cable Manufacturing 2 won the second prize of the wire and cable extrusion group; An-long liu from instrument manufacturing, JiGuo xiang, Luo Fulong car cast third prize, from huayuan technology Shang Chuanjiang Lin cheng gang, electrical manufacturing, instrument manufacturing Chen Maoxiang won third prize of welders, from optical cable manufacture a YanZhiQiang, Zhang Zaihong, optical cable manufacturing department 2 Wang Xinguo for wire and cable extrusion art team won third prize.

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Mr. Zhao Kuan, Chairman of the Group, expressed his sincere thanks to all the leaders and teachers who care, guide and support this competition, and his warm congratulations to all the winners. He also expressed his cordial sympathy to the staff who have been working in the production line for a long time. The chairman stressed that under the new situation, all walks of life are reshuffling, and we are facing more opportunities and challenges. If we want to seize the opportunities and take advantage of the trend, we need to have new ideas, new thinking and new methods. As China is promoting innovation and entrepreneurship by the masses, we must pursue innovative and solid development, uphold the spirit of craftsmanship and labor, and build a skilled and innovative industrial force. Centeringly around the "Three Innovations" and "Three Equality", with the National Model Workers Zhao Kuan Innovation and Research Center as the platform, further emancipate the mind, bold practice, and promote the steady development of the Group.


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