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Standardize business etiquette and create a professional image-Anhui Tiankang Group organizes business etiquette training

In order to enhance the overall business image of Anhui Tiankang Group, enhance the staff's own quality and business capabilities. On May 8, Anhui Tiankang Group organized a business etiquette knowledge training in the conference center of the building. More than 130 people from various factories (companies) and departments of the group participated in the training.

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For this training, the group specially invited Jin Quan, associate professor and senior etiquette of Chuzhou College, to give lectures. Teacher Jin explained to the trainees the main content, characteristics, principles and other knowledge of business etiquette with witty language expression and rich interactive practice, and comprehensively explained the basic common sense of appearance, manners, communication etiquette, official etiquette, etc. Participants have further mastered the skills to enhance business taste and charm in various business activities.

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In the afternoon practice, Mr. Jin divided the trainees into four groups, and each group leader led the practice exercises, which not only enhanced the enthusiasm and participation of the trainees, but also deepened the trainees’ understanding of business etiquette knowledge And use. The whole training site was filled with passion and joy. In the enthusiastic learning atmosphere, everyone mastered a lot of practical social etiquette knowledge, strengthened mutual understanding and communication, and the effect was very outstanding. Everyone said that after a day of real learning Practical training is full of rewards.

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Everyone unanimously stated that it is very important to improve professionalism in the development of the group, and their own image is also the brand of the company. Thank the group for providing a good learning environment for everyone. We must cherish and use this learning opportunity to continuously improve and enrich ourselves, and establish a sense of business respect, that is, respect ourselves, respect others, respect profession, respect enterprise, pay attention to professional ethics, and learn what we have learned. Apply knowledge of business etiquette to your own work.


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