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List of well-known thermocouple brands in China and abroad

Thermocouple is a necessary process of industrial production, in many key points must be equipped with the temperature of the thermocouple to monitor the site for different production process, so it is very important thermocouple field instruments, List of well-known thermocouple brands in China and abroad?now the good news is that domestic temperature instrument and meter in terms of performance and reliability have been able to abroad and foreign brands rival, this also is domestic temperature industry progress, both at home and abroad well-known brand of thermocouple listed below.

There are several foreign old temperature instruments, E + H, ABB, rosemount, omega. There is no doubt that the reliable long-term guarantee, the choice of them will be able to meet the requirements, are world-renowned brands, these international giant enterprises not only do temperature meters, they do the whole industry all the instruments and systems, is still advanced, leading technology, there is still a big gap between domestic companies. But friends please be careful, be sure to buy from the company's official website, in case many copycat small factory to the cost of polar, very similar shape, the quality of garbage by the deception, this is hard enough, spent several times more than the domestic money to buy copycat. Please keep your eyes open. If possible, contact us to inform you of the official purchase address.

Domestic temperature thermocouple this, do the best four instrument and meter plant, from the instrument, sic, the west, day, from the meter is three factory, Shanghai automation instrumentation sic is the instrument and meter plant in sichuan, west instrument is the instrument and meter plant, days instrument is AnHui TianKang instrument and meter plant, are heavy Yin temperature industry more than 30 years, is the most can replace similar foreign products quality is reliable and stable. The good news is that the temperature meter now in the domestic, there are four instrument and meter plant, under important occasions in petrochemical replaced the impressive performance of similar products abroad, with the domestic many small factory also can produce temperature instrument, quality can be, in the less important occasions or company is not strict with temperature place have a wide range of applications.

In the face of the western powers, our own people can produce satisfactory products, the most important thing is that the price is less than half of the price of foreign countries, our appearance should be more efforts, fortunately not disgrace.

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