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"National Model Worker Zhao Kuan Creative Research Center" Promotion Conference was successfully held

In order to conscientiously implement the national "14th Five-Year" development plan and continue to promote the group's innovation and research work, on the morning of March 12, Anhui Tiankang Group held a grand promotion meeting of the "National Model Worker Zhao Kuan Innovation and Research Center" in the conference center. Chairman Zhao Kuan attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Group leader Mao Wen presided over the meeting and read out the promotion documents.

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Chairman Zhao Kuan pointed out at the meeting that Tiankang Group has mainly relied on innovation to lead the continuous development and growth in the development process of nearly 50 years. In the government work report of the two sessions this year, the term "science and technology" was mentioned 23 times and the term "innovation" was mentioned 43 times. The outline of the National Fourteenth Five-Year Plan clearly proposes to insist on innovation-driven development, and to take scientific and technological self-reliance as a strategic support for national development. The country must innovate, and enterprises must innovate. Only innovation can meet the needs of rapid development, only innovation can cope with ever-changing opportunities and challenges, and only innovation can achieve the grand goal of "Hundred Years of Tiankang".

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Group leaders Zhao Jianbing and Bai Baodong respectively announced the "Notice on the establishment of the "National Model Worker Zhao Kuan Innovation and Research Center" Promotion Leadership Group" and "About the establishment of the "Innovation and Research Center" first batch of innovation and research teams and the announcement of the first batch Notification of Projects Into the Database"; Xu Chengye, the optical cable innovation team, and Chen Feng, the Shanghai Zhicheng innovation team, made speeches.


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