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Anhui provincial people's congress standing committee deputy secretary of the leading party group to visit anhui tiankang group research work

      On April 16, 2020, Shen Suli, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, visited Anhui Tiankang Group for investigation. Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Secretary Zhu Duwen, Chuzhou City Party Committee Secretary Zhang Xiangan, Chuzhou City People's Congress Standing Committee Party Secretary, Director Wang Tuqiang, Deputy Director Shen Zhonglin, Tianchang City leaders Deng Jigan, Wu Zhenwen, etc. participated in the survey. Group Chairman Zhao Kuan, General Manager Mao Wenwen, Deputy General Manager Zhao Jianbing, and Song Chunyu received Shen Suli and his party.
Anhui TianKang Group
      Shen Suli and his party have successively inspected the group exhibition hall, Chuzhou Municipal People's Congress delegates' activity room, labor model innovation studio, trade union activity corridor, etc., Chairman Zhao Kuan reported the development history, industrial structure, party work of Anhui Tiankang Group to Shen Suli and his party The situation of the construction of the league and the activities room of the people's congress representatives.

     In the survey, Shen Suli fully affirmed the work of Anhui Tiankang Group, and pointed out that the construction of the NPC deputy activity room in the enterprise can promote the regularization, institutionalization, and standardization of the activities of the deputy group and provide performance for the NPC deputies Career platform. Anhui Tiankang Group ’s people ’s deputies ’activity room has a deep cultural background, rich daily activities, and comprehensive materials, providing efficient and convenient services for delegates to perform their duties. I hope to continue to do a good job in building a platform for people ’s congresses to connect with the masses in the new era, and play an important role in supporting and guaranteeing people ’s deputies to perform their duties according to law.
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      Zhao Kuan, chairman of the group, said that Anhui Tiankang Group will further strengthen its corporate responsibility, strive to do well in the service work of the NPC, and contribute to the promotion of high-quality local economic and social development.


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