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Anhui TianKang Group to carry out the leading group visit workshop research activities

      On March 29th, 2019, chairman zhao kuan led the members of the group's leadership team, sales deputy general manager, sales manager representatives and the heads of major departments to visit and investigate the production line of each factory (company) and manufacturing department. The group leadership team members adhere to the problem oriented and target demand oriented, starting from the key problem to promote the development of enterprises, the grass-roots level, into a line, focus on big visiting research activities, a comprehensive insight into the actual situation, system thinking and solve those outstanding problems that affect development, power transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to realize spanning development group.
      Chairman zhao kuan pointed out in the research forum that after two days of investigation and visit, we found many outstanding problems that are difficult to find in ordinary times. All factories and departments should learn from each other to make up for each other's shortcomings, so as to promote the benign and healthy sustainable development of the enterprise as a whole. Chairman of the board stressed that the group should attach importance to talent development, external introduction and internal training to consolidate the fundamental development of the enterprise; To attach importance to the market, transposition thinking, play a positive market guiding role; We should attach importance to management, improve efficiency and realize systematization, modernization, informatization and intellectualization of management. We should attach importance to innovation, lead development, and enhance the competitive strength of enterprises in scientific research and innovation.
     The general manager MAO wenwen reported and analyzed the problems found in the investigation and visit, and asked each block to strengthen benchmarking learning, actively find their own problems, solve the problems, and further improve the level of refined management. We should do a good job in quality control, strive to improve the brand and image of the enterprise, attach great importance to innovation, innovation and research, continue to deepen reform, effectively integrate resources, realize the reasonable allocation of personnel, equipment and other aspects of the enterprise, and further strengthen the service work focusing on sales and service. At the same time, all staff must be in a good state of mind into the work of production safety, to ensure that the second half of the goals and tasks successfully completed.
     Group sales deputy general manager and sales manager representatives put forward relevant Suggestions on the current work of the group; The person in charge of each factory (company) and manufacturing department reported the production status and development target of the first quarter at the meeting.

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