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Anhui Tiankang Group donated 5 million yuan to help epidemic prevention and control

On the morning of May 6, 2022, Anhui Tiankang Group's donation ceremony for fighting the epidemic was held at the Tianchang Municipal Government. City leaders He Jiaping, Du Yongbing, Shi Fayong, Kan Xurui, Lv Chuanhua and Zhou Qiaoling attended the ceremony. Anhui Tiankang Group Party Secretary and Chairman Zhao Kuan, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager Mao Wenwen, and Deputy General Manager Song Chunyu attended the donation ceremony.

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On behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, He Jiaping, secretary of the municipal party committee, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Anhui Tiankang Group for its kind deeds. Secretary He said that in the past three years of anti-epidemic work, Tiankang Group has always been in the same direction with the party committee and government, working hand in hand to overcome the difficulties together. At the beginning of the epidemic, there was a shortage of protective materials. Tiankang Group, with the extraordinary speed of "transformation in 1 day, production in 6 days, and out of warehouse in 15 days", quickly transformed across borders, created a brand new industry, and solved the shortage of medical supplies at that time. of urgent needs. In the face of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in April this year, Tiankang Group stepped forward once again, and generously provided Tiankang public rental housing that had been renovated but not yet put into use, cleaned up and vacated the four-star health care center, nearly 600 rooms. The room was used for anti-epidemic isolation, and anti-epidemic materials such as protective clothing and isolation gowns were donated to the front line of the anti-epidemic, which interprets the responsibility and homeland feelings of a ten-billion-dollar enterprise with practical actions. Secretary He said that at the critical juncture in the fight against the epidemic, the company's kind deeds are not only concerned with the fight against the epidemic, but also express the firm stance of the government and enterprises to work together to strengthen the defense line of prevention and control, and will further encourage the whole city to fight the epidemic. Fighting spirit, build an iron wall for prevention and control, and resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

anhui tiankang group shares co ltdZhao Kuan, chairman of the group, said that the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the correct leadership of the party and the government, as well as the support and help from all walks of life. The enterprise will always adhere to the concept of drinking water and giving back to the hometown, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, and fully contribute to the fight against the epidemic , to fulfill social responsibilities and missions with practical actions, and give back to the government and all sectors of society for their long-term care and support.


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